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Prior to sending us any content/verbiage for your design project, please be sure to run a spell check and/or grammar check. Providing us with proof-ready copy enables us to ensure quick turnaround and helps keep your costs low.

Once your design files have gone to print or live web, We are not responsible for errors not found when one or more drafts has been provided to the client for proofing and has been approved.

Once all project files have been finalized and submitted to the client, the project is considered to be complete. From that point on, if changes are to be made, it will be treated as an entirely new project and an hourly rate of $25 will apply.

All changes must be submitted via email. We ask that you please do not call us to verbalize your changes as this slows down our speedy process and will increase the amount of time spent on your project.

We will supply your final print design files in PDF, JPEG and EPS. Creation files (Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) can be purchased for an additional fee.


All custom artwork and graphic designs created by Manring Masterpiece become the sole property of the client upon completion of the project and payment in full. Until full payment has been made, the designs belong to Manring Masterpiece.

We reserve the right to display samples of any and all designs created by Manring Masterpiece for marketing purposes and this may include online display of artwork and graphic design to include being added to our portfolio. In addition some designs may include stock photos that have been sourced on-line and/or that have been purchased by Manring Masterpiece for the designs created by us by which no copyright laws will have been broken. Other aspects of disclosure may apply.

We will supply an artwork release form if the client submits a formal request. This will give the option to either allow us to display your artwork or to not display it. It will also show proof that the design belongs to you or your company and transfers the copyright to the client. If an artwork release form is not requested, any and all designs created by Manring Masterpiece are subject to being displayed online in our portfolio.



Prior to beginning on your designs, we require that a 50% deposit be paid in order to initiate your project. Upon receipt of the deposit, You will receive an invoice via email reflecting receipt of your initial payment and it will also indicate the balance remaining which is due upon your campaign’s completion. As a courtesy to our all of our customers, we will provide you with watermarked design proofs during the course of your project’s development for your approval.

Upon completion of the project, the files will be released when final payment is made. The design final files will be sent to the client contact via email. If the project is a website, the site will go live to the client’s domain once final payment has been made. Please note that we do not begin undertaking any campaign until the initial 50% deposit has been received–no exceptions. We gladly accept referrals! If you refer a client to us who hires and completes a project over $100 with one of our designers, you will receive a 10% discount off your next project. If a retainer is paid and is not used, no refunds will be issued. The funds must be used to purchase services from Manring Masterpiece.

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